Today’s Gem of Insight #40


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that “I’m busy” is no excuse. All of us (yes, I am referring to myself too) have been guilty at some point of responding to others’ requests for our time and effort by stating or indicating through our actions that we are too busy.

And, yes, we oftentimes may have full schedules which require our attention. However, the truth of the matter is that as human beings we make time for whom and what we want to make time for, whether or not we choose to admit it.

Now, part of our problem could be that we have our priorities out of order, which oftentimes can cause us to lack the time that we need available to dedicate to certain people and things. But that is a whole other story which I will save for another blog entry.

The main point is that we as a society have become too comfortable with using the statement “I’m busy” as an excuse for not communicating the way that we should, not investing in authentic relationships by spending quality time with the people in our lives, and not extending the appropriate amount of attention to people and things. And if we ever want our relationships, lives, society, and the world to get better, we had better start working on evicting the statement and sentiment “I’m busy” from our vocabulary and behavior before it’s too late. #lovebythedrop

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