Today’s Gem of Insight #41


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that having one’s priorities in order is essential. Even the most put together, well-meaning, organized, motivated, and determined person can still have the sense that success is evading them. No matter how hard they work, the sacrifices they make, the passion that they have, they still do not appear to make any headway. And they wonder what could possibly be holding them back.

Oftentimes, a few moments of consideration reveal that something regarding their priorities is amiss. Now the fact that something is amiss with their priorities does not necessarily mean that the things that they have on their list of priorities are incorrect. The items that they have on their list of priorities may be perfect for them, but even a list of appropriate priorities is not going to yield success if the priorities are in the wrong order. And, unfortunately, many of us fail to realize that.

The interesting thing about this, though, is that each of us is the only one who can determine whether or not our priorities are appropriate, as well as whether or not they are in the correct order. No one else can make that decision for us. And deep down inside I believe that we all realize that to a certain degree, but many of us for various reasons do not take the time to consistently evaluate our priorities for the purpose of making sure that they are appropriate for us and that they are structured in such a way as to set us up for success. Those periodic evaluations truly can be the difference between making progress and hanging in limbo. #lovebythedrop

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