Today’s Gem of Insight #43


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that unexpected outcomes may be blessings in disguise. Like most of us, I do not enjoy it when my plans do not work out the way that I thought that they would or something unexpected happens that does not line up with what I want.

Years ago, when this type of thing would happen, I would fight it, and at times I would even complain. I was so caught up in what I thought was right for my life, what I wanted, and what I thought would bring me the most happiness, that I forgot about the fact that my life is not my own. I did not create myself and I am not the one who sustains me. I am here because God created me, and He created me for a purpose.

Sometimes the fulfillment of that purpose requires things that I would not expect and may not desire to happen. And though I may not understand it, I know that there is a reason and purpose for everything. So, when unexpected things occur and we find ourselves feeling somewhat disappointed, remembering that all things happen for a reason and that sometimes what is needed for the fulfillment of our purpose may show up in a package that is different than what we may expect can help us to keep the right perspective. #lovebythedrop

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