Today’s Gem of Insight #42


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that appearances can be deceiving. We have all come across people who look good and seem to have it all together, entrees on menus with descriptions that make them sound as though they are exquisite delectables, and even cars that at first glance appear to have been manufactured just for us. We have encountered and consisted these treasures with anticipation and expectation only to finally spend time with them and discover that they are nothing like what we originally perceived.

And that’s not even the kicker though. The kicker is that had we taken the time to ask some pertinent questions, do a more extensive preliminary evaluation, and try to gain a better understanding of those treasures while setting our emotions to the side before investing in them, we would have spared ourselves the unnecessary disappointment and anguish that we ultimately experienced.

So, the moral of the story my dears is that not everything that looks good is good, and not everything or everyone should be taken at face value. Sometimes we need to probe deeper and even ask some tough questions in order to determine if something or someone is deserving of the investment of our time, emotions, and life. After all, each one of us is priceless, and not everything and everyone enters your life with your priceless nature in mind. #lovebythedrop

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