Today’s Gem of Insight #45


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that a life without goals is a life without progress. Having goals helps to motivate us and gives us something to look forward to achieving. And knowing that there is something meaningful that we are working to achieve takes some of the sting out of the challenging times that we experience in this life. Having goals also helps us to feel better about ourselves and life as a whole, because each time that we complete a step in the process of completing our goals it fills us with a sense of accomplishment.

Now, it’s important to note that we need to make sure that the goals that we set are meaningful, positive, realistic, and precise. After all, goals that lack any of these qualities are likely to evade us and leave us feeling unfulfilled and disappointed.

So, when we find ourselves lacking the motivation to truly live the lives that we have, rather than merely exist, evaluating and setting some meaningful goals might be just the thing that we need in order to jump start our passion for living. #lovebythedrop

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