Today’s Gem of Insight #126

IMG_4445Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that, we, as a society, really do consume too much sugar. I, like many of us, appreciate a nice dessert or a comforting snack here and there, and on occasion those desserts or snacks might contain more sugar than others. Sometimes that is simply how the cookie crumbles (no pun intended). And that is certainly okay, especially when consumed in moderation.

However, it seems that the majority of the food and beverage items that we purchase, whether from a grocery store or a restaurant, contain varying amounts of sugar of which a large part of society is not aware. So, when we think that we are only consuming a certain amount of sugar, we are actually taking in much more than that.

In order to stay on top of this we need to ensure that we are paying more attention to the ingredients in the food and beverage items that we consume. It requires more time and effort to do that, but as we live longer and healthier lives our bodies and our loved ones will thank us. #lovebythedrop

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