Today’s Gem of Gratitude #9


Today I am thankful for authors and the ability to write. I appreciate the ability of authors to introduce me to new worlds, which may be similar to or different from my own, all the while teaching me things about myself of which I was likely not previously aware. When a piece of writing has been written well – whether that piece of writing is a news article, romance novel, textbook, screenplay, or any other piece of creative or technical writing – it possesses the power to transport the reader to a different time, place, and environment.

As a writer, I appreciate the fact that I am able to sit down and harness the thoughts that run through my mind into articles, poetry, stories, and essays that I can share with whomever I choose, or reserve my thoughts for myself in a personal journal. I have found that at times it is easier for me to convey certain ideas via non-verbal channels as opposed to verbal ones. Sometimes your mind and heart want to express something, but your tongue insists on rebelling. Thankfully, oftentimes, on those occasions, my fingers are more than happy to cooperate.

I know that not everyone writes – and no, I’m not talking about quickly jotting down a grocery list or filling out a form, but rather writing for creative, technical and/or professional purposes – but those of us who do write, especially if it’s on a regular basis, know the benefits that are associated with writing. Among other beneficial characteristics of writing, it can yield a truly therapeutic effect. When you have a lot on your mind or you are experiencing emotionally challenging situations, writing can serve to purge you of the negative effects caused by the situations in which you are involved, as well as help you to process your thoughts.

For those of you who do enjoy writing, what compels you to write and what effect does writing have on you? And to those of you who do not already write on a regular basis but think that you might enjoy it, I encourage you to try it and to let me know how it turns out. #lovebythedrop

2 Replies to “Today’s Gem of Gratitude #9”

  1. This is so lovely. Most writers are readers and it’s so thoughtful of you to reach out to other writers from both perspectives 🙂

    I write because it’s the only talent I have that I would drop everything for. If something happened to me tomorrow, I’d regret not writing, and that’s why I write. To breathe 😀

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to share your perspective with me. I can relate; writing is something that I would drop everything for as well. It is the thing that I have always felt the most natural doing, more so than just about anything else.

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