Today’s Gem of Gratitude #14


Today I am thankful for peace. I know that this might seem like a simple thing, or maybe even somewhat a bit of a cliché, but it’s not. Peace is something that is often taken for granted and overlooked until it is no longer there. And once it is gone, that seems to be when a little lightbulb comes on in our heads making us aware of the fact that peace no longer rests with us, and then suddenly we find ourselves looking for peace everywhere we think it can be found.

I realize that there are some people out there who, for various reasons, may say that they have never known peace. And that could very well be the case. However, that is no reason to allow yourself to think that obtaining peace is an impossibility for you. Peace is something that God intends for all of us to have, and I believe that He is the best advisor there is. I know that when I find myself restless and sensing that I have somehow let go of the peace that I once had, I take time to talk to God about it, make the necessary changes in my life, and reclaim the peace that was once mine.

I have discovered that on a great many occasions when we human beings lose our sense of peace it is because we have filled our lives up with so many things that occupy our time, energy, and thoughts, that we leave either hardly any time, or no time for relaxation and communication with God. This, in effect, causes us to focus excessively on our lives – what we think we need, what we think we want, what we think we absolutely have to do – as opposed to the lives of others – what they need, how we can help them, how we are meant to be a blessing to them. Shifting our focus back to others is a great way to re-direct our thoughts, efforts, and perspective, which in turn leads us back to peace. This is certainly not the only way to achieve a life encompassed by peace, but it is one of the most feasible and necessary ways of getting there.

For those of you who are already living lives of peace, I encourage you to start a dialogue with your friends (and even some people who are potentially new friends in the making) during which you share with them your experience of living a life of peace, and then feel free to share your experiences with me. To those of you who feel like you have lost your peace, or maybe that you never had it in the first place, I encourage you to: 1) step out of your comfort zone and begin to focus more on helping others in ways that you can by seeing their needs and meeting them on the level that you can, and 2) de-clutter your life by getting rid of activities, people, and things that do not serve to better you and encourage you to be the “you” that you were created to be. I know this may be hard, but anything that is worth having is worth the hard work that it takes to obtain it, and I know that you will be blessed for your efforts. And please do not forget to share your experiences with me. #lovebythedrop

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