Today’s Gem of Gratitude #83


Today I am thankful for pictures. They are vivid little (or big) reminders of what we have experienced, whom we have loved (and likely still love), and where we have been.

I appreciate pictures so much because one glance at them has the potential to carry me back (figuratively) to the time and place when and where the picture was taken. And if the picture is of something that I took part in, I find myself immediately flooded with memories and emotions. If the picture was not of something that I took part in, then my wonderful imagination takes over as a whole new world opens up for me.

On occasion, I peruse my albums of pictures and those few moments of reminiscing give me the nostalgia fix that I need.

One thing that came to mind as I am writing this post, however, is the idea that pictures are not enough. Sure, they are nice and rather enjoyable. But they are never a substitute for the real thing. So, if someone loves and cares for you, please do not take them for granted and think that pictures of you will suffice when you have the opportunity to actually be there physically instead. Life is too short and tomorrow is not promised. Love your loved ones today. Tomorrow may not present you with that opportunity. #lovebythedrop

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