Today’s Gem of Gratitude #126


Today I am thankful for plain M&Ms. I am not a big fan of chocolate, though I do not have any issues with it either. And on most days chocolate is a subject that is far from my mind and even farther from my stomach.

However, on occasion I find myself craving a little touch of chocolate. And when that happens, I like to reach for a little bag of plain M&Ms, which are perfect for the occasional chocolate cravings of the non-chocolate-lover that I am. They are not too sweet, not too big, and they are not filled with anything else that could potentially take away from that wonderful chocolate.

Now, I certainly am not saying that I do not appreciate and enjoy other M&Ms flavors, because I would certainly be remiss if I did not claim the peanut butter M&Ms as my favorite, as well as confess that on occasion I have been known to partake of a few peanut M&Ms joyfully.

Yet, even though I enjoy multiple M&Ms flavors, the plain ones seem to be the most adept at satisfying my cravings for chocolate. Now who would have guessed that? #lovebythedrop

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