Today’s Gem of Gratitude #125


Today I am thankful for strength. The “strength” to which I am referring is strength of character rather than actual physical strength, though physical strength is important and necessary. The dictionary defines the version of strength to which I am referring as “mental power, force, or vigor; moral power, firmness, or courage.”

As I sat down to write this entry I found myself thinking heavily about this particular definition of the word “strength.” We oftentimes hear people say the phrase “strength, courage, and wisdom,” but I venture to think that most people focus on the words “courage” and “wisdom,” all the while leaving “strength” to languish.

However, having strength is essential to living this life successfully, as the challenges that we as human beings will face in this life will oftentimes require us to attack them with vigor, force, firmness, and courage. Though many circumstances that we will experience in life will be fairly routine and easy to deal with, there will be certain situations that will bear down on us like F5 tornados that could not care less about our lives and what we want. And when those situations rear their heads it is our strength of character that will meet them head on.

I do not know about you, but there are days when I do not feel as though I am very strong, and I feel as though I am holding tightly to every little ounce of fortitude that I can muster. And on other days I feel as though nothing can shake me. I think that we all have experiences that are similar to this, and that it is important for us to remember that our lives will undulate between days when we feel invincible and days when we feel utterly downtrodden. The key is to find a way to tap into the strength of character with which we have been blessed and to continue to fight the good fight. #lovebythedrop

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