Today’s Gem of Gratitude #140


Today I am thankful for salad. As a lover of many different types of food (some of which you can read about here), I often find myself craving various types of meat, poultry, pasta, and just about anything with bread in it. What can I say? I am a woman who knows what she likes.

However, there are days when the heaviness of those foods proves to be a bit much for me, and a simple salad is the only item that I want to have on my menu. A nice salad does more than merely ease the pangs of hunger. In a way it cleanses the palette of all of the residue left from the various food items with which I have done battle up to that point.

In addition, partaking of a simple salad is a straightforward way to regroup after having gone a little overboard with splurging on less healthy food items, as well as to remind oneself of the fact that tasty food can be both easy and healthy.

All in all, just as sometimes water is the only beverage that can quench my thirst, sometimes a lovely salad really is the only entrée that will do. #lovebythedrop

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