Today’s Gem of Gratitude #142


Today I am thankful for the internet. The internet is a wonderful tool that in many ways makes our lives easier, more well-rounded, and let’s face it, more interesting. It saves us time by facilitating quick searches for things such as the answers to questions like how to make a chocolate soufflé, what is the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane, and why is Delaware such a popular state for business that wish to become incorporated.

Sure, we could attempt to locate textbooks and other professionals who might be able to provide us with the answers to questions like those, and when it concerns a need for an in depth answer that is thorough and accurate that may be a better course of action, but for a quick and general explanation of something the internet is a quick and useful tool that can get the job done.

Certainly, the internet has it’s drawbacks: spam, exhibitions of questionable behavior, faulty information, a plethora of tasteless content, and in certain instances, a lack of security. And these are items that should be kept in mind as one makes the choice whether or not to utilize the internet. However, in my experience, the pros associated with using the internet generally outweigh the cons. And as long as the use of the internet is approached with a sense of maturity, integrity, and respect, a good, safe, and enlightening time can be had by all. #lovebythedrop

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