Today’s Gem of Gratitude #144


Today I am thankful for the ability to live in an urban area. Some people might question my preference for living in an urban area as opposed to a rural one. Those who would question it would likely extol the benefits of living in rural areas – the relaxed and laid back lifestyle, the peaceful and quiet atmosphere, the abundance of open space.

I agree with them that those benefits are certainly valuable beyond measure. However, my life is in the city – that is where my everyday activities take place. And in addition to being the locale for my everyday activities, it is also the area in which the majority of, if not all, the activities that I enjoy participating in take place.

Yes, urban areas tend to be noisier, at times less tidy, and more crowded, but those aspects in certain ways function as reminders that we are still alive and that we are human. As I have indicated, I have nothing against rural living, but, for me, the physical, spatial, and relational aspects of city living make it possible for my home to truly feel like home. #lovebythedrop

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