Today’s Gem of Gratitude #145



Today I am thankful for my father’s tuna salad and french fries. Hands down this is one of my absolute favorite dishes. It is simple, hearty, tasty, filling, and it completely satisfies my craving for carbs.

I have made tuna salad for years, and though I can make a pretty serious tuna salad myself, it pales in comparison to the tuna salad that my father makes. He uses pretty standard ingredients – albacore tuna, mayo, mustard, sweet relish, green bell pepper, onion, boiled eggs, and ground black pepper – to create his version of this filling salad, which he then serves between two slices of perfectly toasted bread along with a side of crinkle cut french fries (and, yes, the style of french fries does add something extra special, believe me).

I must admit that I have no idea what exactly he does to those ingredients (and, yes, I have watched him make this dish, and I have even helped him make it on occasion), but the medley of flavors that dance in my mouth with each bite is enough to make me want to dance. It is pure perfection. There is no other way to describe it, absolute tuna salad and french fries perfection. It’s a little taste of heaven for my taste buds and a huge serving of comfort on a plate. And who does not need a little comfort every now and then? #lovebythedrop

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