Today’s Gem of Gratitude #163


Today I am thankful for bucket lists. Most people likely have an idea of what a “bucket list” is, but for those who are not aware of what a bucket list is, it is a list of things that one wants to do before he or she dies, or in other words “kicks the bucket.”

I venture to think that many people probably focus on the “before one dies” portion of that phrase, which it is entirely their right to do so. I, however, prefer to focus on the “things to do” portion of that phrase. It is a known fact that we will all pass away at some point, and though I am not afraid of death, I feel no need to give the subject any unnecessary thought.

With that in mind, the thing that I like the most about my bucket list is, yes, you guessed it, the fact that it organizes my random thoughts into one cohesive, straightforward list, and that it’s entirely up to me to determine which items make it onto that list. I often find that throughout the day various ideas of things that I am interested in and/or would like to do flow through my mind, some of which just sound like cool things to do or obtain and are not really ideas about which I am serious. Yet, occasionally, a few of those ideas prove to be ideas about which I am serious. And because I know how easy it is to forget things in this busy world, I like to commit those ideas to my bucket list so that I can refer to them whenever I want to.

Another benefit of having a bucket list is the fact that once you have completed something on the list you can cross it off and then visibly note the progress that you are making. And after all, who does not enjoy feeling as though they are making progress? Besides, once you cross an item off of your bucket list you can fill that space with another “must-do” entry, repeating this step as often as you like, giving yourself plenty to look forward to and keeping yourself focused at the same time. Now those are definitely benefits that I can get behind. #lovebythedrop

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