Today’s Gem of Gratitude #164


Today I am thankful for cheese. Whether it is baked in something, fried, fondued, melted on top of something, or sprinkled on top of something, cheese is a winner in my book.

It has a wonderful ability to add so many different notes of flavor to any meal. Some varieties of cheese possess a quality of sweetness, others a nuttiness, and yet others yield flavors that almost defy description.

And as if the varying of flavors were not enough to attest to the magnificent nature of cheese, they also boast a variety of textures. Some types of cheese are dry and almost brittle, whereas others are moist and creamy, with others measuring up somewhere in between.

I truly do believe that there exists a perfect type of cheese for just about any meal, whether it be parmigiano reggiano which is perfect for pasta, and well, just about everything, to traditional mozzarella which lends its talents well to pizza, salad, and antipasto.

Now, by no means am I saying that I like every type of cheese that is out there – there are a few that I do not really care to venture near despite the fact that they are loved by many people – but what I am saying is that there is likely at least one type of cheese out there that will bring a smile to your face and a curl to your toes because it’s just that good. So, now there’s just one question left to ask: have you encountered your cheese-mate yet? Happy tasting! #lovebythedrop

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