Today’s Gem of Gratitude #169


Today I am thankful for my past. We all have a place and time from which we have come, a series of events and circumstances that have in many ways inscribed themselves onto our lives, and, if we have at times not been as careful as we should have, left traces of their existence in the mark of our steps. And without this collection of experiences and occurrences we would not be who we are.

You see, as much as we often run from our past, our past pursues us relentlessly. It is only when we fully face our past head on, look it in the eye and gather the lessons learned, that we effectually decimate the hold that our past has on us. And it is at that time, in that moment, that we meet our true selves and we discover the direction in which we are to go.

I have seen my past, faced it with both eyes open and my high heels on, and learned from each and every experience, both positive and negative, and I have extracted from it my freedom. And to convey my gratitude regarding that, no words as of yet appear to be adequate enough. #lovebythedrop

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