Today’s Gem of Gratitude #174


Today I am thankful for winter. Though winter will not officially begin for another couple of weeks or so, we are definitely on the cusp of its arrival. I love winter because of the cool weather, which makes it possible for me to comfortably wear my long sleeved clothing items, the more friendly attitude that tends to come over people (except for a few lingering sentiments from Black Friday apparently), and the interesting and tasty changes that are implemented on restaurant menus and in the decor of stores and towns. To put it simply, winter is just a fun and friendly time of year.

By far my favorite aspect about the winter season is the celebration of Christmas. I will be writing about Christmas in a few weeks, so I will reserve the expression of my appreciation for that holiday for a later date. But trust me when I say that for me winter and Christmas go hand in hand. So much so that despite the drastic drop in the temperature of the air, my level of happiness tends to soar, and for some reason it seems to be easier to look past the negative experiences that find me and instead focus on the positive ones.

I have shared with you a small excerpt of why I appreciate the winter season, and now I would love to hear from you. What is your take on the winter season? Do you love it or would you rather do without it? Whatever your take on it may be, I look forward to experiencing your thoughts. #lovebythedrop

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