Today’s Gem of Gratitude #173


Today I am thankful for my personality. Sometimes it’s a bit quarky, out of the box, and down right goofy. Other times it’s very reserved, laid back, and quiet. And on occasion it’s boisterous, adventurous, and far-reaching. In a nutshell, it’s eclectic, and I am okay with that, though that has not always been the case.

Growing up I was always keenly aware of my “differences.” I generally got along well with everyone and for the most part I fit in with the various groups of people that were in my environment, but I was consistently aware of the many aspects of my life and personality that made me different from everyone else, and I allowed myself to become caught up with that.

In fact, I became so focused on my “differences” that I began to view any negative treatment that I received from others as confirmation that my “differences” were bad. This erroneous view was tied in many respects to the low level of self esteem and confidence that I possessed (which you can read more about here).

These days I am more comfortable with who I am and the wonderfully eclectic personality that I have. I realize that the many varied aspects of my personality allow so many different people to relate to me and to enjoy my company, and vice versa. And I believe that this interesting personality that I have is one of the tools that I can use to reach the world and infuse it with love. Now there’s no way that I am going to complain about that. #lovebythedrop

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