Today’s Gem of Gratitude #182


Today I am thankful for online shopping venues. As a person who can easily take it or leave it when it comes to most types of shopping, the idea of being able to shop online is one that is quite appealing. And with many online shopping venues not only offering consumers the opportunity to purchase goods and services without having to travel physically to a store, but also making it possible for consumers to have their purchased items or services automatically sent to someone else, for example as a gift, the convenience and efficiency aspects of online shopping can serve to make consumers’ lives much easier.

The ease of shopping online does have it’s share of drawbacks, though, including the fact that shopping online carries with it the risk of potentially exposing your information to hackers and other individuals who try to steal consumers’ information online. And unfortunately this is an issue that rears its head quite frequently in this day and age. However, as long as consumers shop as responsibly as possible while online, the pros of utilizing online shopping venues will likely outweigh the cons. Have a happy and safe shopping season everyone! #lovebythedrop

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