Today’s Gem of Gratitude #181


Today I am thankful for peach cobbler. My guess is that we all have a list of our favorite desserts, which may include anything from chocolate chip cookies to Baked Alaska. And for some of us that list may be quite long, for others it is complete with just a few entries.

My list is actually a rather short one, with peach cobbler certainly making it into the top five desserts. I think that what I enjoy so much about peach cobbler is that it is comprised of very simple ingredients, yet it possesses qualities that are appealing to just about everyone – it is sweet (yet not overly so), it has a crust (which is perfect for those who love dough), it has peaches (which is perfect for fruit aficionados), and it is so easy to make.

Though peach cobbler is not my absolute favorite dessert it is very far from being my least favorite. After all, what’s not to love about sweet, doughy, fruity goodness that pairs perfectly with vanilla ice cream? #lovebythedrop

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