Today’s Gem of Gratitude #189


Today I am thankful for bread. I have already mentioned to you how much I appreciate carbs, and that some of my favorite sources of carbs are bread, rice, pasta, and cereal. So, I am sure that it comes as no surprise that I have chosen to express my appreciation for bread today.

As a person who has such an appreciation for bread I often find that I consider it to be the perfect accompaniment to just about every meal. However, since bread is a carb that eventually turns to sugar when it is processed by the body, it is one of those items that need to be consumed in moderation.

Now, I will certainly not profess to always make it a point to consciously consider when I allow myself to eat certain items, though I am trying to become better at doing that. Yet, I have noticed something special about my consumption of bread. As much as I truly enjoy eating bread, I rarely ever purchase it for consumption at home. Instead, I more or less reserve the consumption of bread for instances when I go out to eat or bring home a meal from a restaurant, something that typically does not happen that often, though there are times when those occurrences happen on a more frequent basis. The interesting thing is that I do not recall ever making a conscious decision to approach the consumption of bread in this way, it is something that just happened to come about over time. It’s funny how certain issues in life work themselves out that way. #lovebythedrop

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