Today’s Gem of Gratitude #194


Today I am thankful for gourmet cupcakes. Many people might say that gourmet cupcakes are overrated and overpriced, and they are probably right considering the fact that cupcakes by any name are still cupcakes, and gourmet cupcakes tend to cost anywhere from two to four dollars per cupcake, which definitely is not cheap.

Yet, despite the hype that comes with an expensive price tag some gourmet cupcakes really are unique and delicious, and they add a pleasantly festive sentiment to just about any occasion.

Now whether or not they are worth the two to four dollars per cupcake that most venders charge is certainly debatable. One thing is for sure though, gourmet cupcakes have found a small place in my life and more than likely they are there to stay. #lovebythedrop

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