Today’s Gem of Gratitude #193


Today I am thankful for manicures and pedicures. Usually, I give myself manicures and pedicures as opposed to going somewhere to have them done professionally, but whether you have them professionally done or you do them yourself like I do, being the recipient of manicures and pedicures tends to be fairly relaxing and enjoyable.

In addition to providing the recipient with a few moments to relax, manicures and pedicures make your fingernails and toenails look nice while leaving your hands and feet nurtured from the extra special tender loving care.

Also, giving yourself manicures and pedicures tends to save you money, whereas having your manicures and pedicures professionally done often saves you time. So, either way one essentially comes out a winner.

So, whether you are a frequent recipient of manicures and pedicures or an occasional one, manicures and pedicures are a great source of relaxation and enjoyment. #lovebythedrop

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