Today’s Gem of Gratitude #200


Today I am thankful for the fact that there is an “app” for just about everything. Years ago, before smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices were invented, when someone wanted to access different types of information, receive answers to certain questions, and communicate with people they had to perform searches and convey their thoughts manually. And, of course, there was nothing wrong with that; after all, a person can only make use of what they have available to them.

Yet, with the advent of smartphones and other mobile devices came our introduction to the world of “applications,” and, no, I am not referring to forms that you fill out. I am referring to electronic applications, also known as “apps,” which are used to perform a myriad of tasks from checking e-mail messages, purchasing tickets for flights, reserving hotel rooms, obtaining directions for travel, keeping track of which beverages are preferred at Starbucks, to playing games for enjoyment.

As the years have passed we have become inundated with apps upon apps upon apps. And some people certainly believe that the use of apps is merely another source of distraction to which we foolishly subject ourselves. And, of course, they are entitled to their opinion. And by no means am I implying that every app that is out there is worthwhile, especially since many of them are essentially useless fluff. However, there are more than enough well-developed, helpful, educational, and enjoyable apps out there to warrant permitting the continued use of apps.

Personally, I use apps on a daily basis, and I have more or less found a way to incorporate them into my life without allowing them to take over. And I truly can say that the benefits that apps yield to my life far outweigh the drawbacks. #lovebythedrop

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