Today’s Gem of Gratitude #203


Today I am thankful for state and county fairs. My appreciation for state and county fairs is one of pure nostalgia. When I step foot onto the fair grounds and I am immediately greeted by the alluring aroma of typical fair fare and the sound of people from all walks of life enjoying themselves in the crisp night air, I am transported back to my childhood days of slumber parties, ice cream trucks, and nights at the fair. Could there be a more perfect scene?

Now, I will admit that the food is the biggest draw for me when it concerns fairs. The rides are fun and people watching always lends itself to a good time, but it’s the promise of footlong corn dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy, candy apples, and the like that lures me. I mean, where else do you encounter deep fried Oreos, Twinkies, and candy bars, along with such wild novelties as elephant ears? And though I certainly do not partake of all of those food items, there is something so appealing about the fact that they are offered.

When we attend fairs it is as though we have a momentary reprieve from the daily restrictions that we normally place upon ourselves; we allow ourselves to be taken over by the childlike energy that comes over us as we ride the rides, play the games, and munch on all manner of fair delights without giving any thought to our ages nor to the calories embedded within every bite of each proffered delectable. We live in the moment and allow tomorrow to worry about itself. For the moment we are fully alive and free. If only we could bring a little bit of the fair atmosphere into our usual day-to-day life, now that would be something. #lovebythedrop

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