Today’s Gem of Gratitude #204


Today I am thankful for the ability to exercise. Exercising is good for my health and it makes me feel great, but unlike many people who profess their love of exercising I have to make myself do it, every single time. And no matter how good I feel when I am done exercising or how much it benefits my figure, I do not have a natural love of exercising. That is just how it is.

And not only do I not have a love of exercising, but I also have not exercised as much or as consistently as I should have been for a while now. Lately, I have experienced these little spurts of activity during which I have exercised consistently and faithfully, which has definitely been a good thing. But then life hit, my stress level increased, and in the midst of navigating life’s little mini-adventures I let my commitment to exercise fall by the wayside. Now, I still inject activity into my life, but it certainly has not been at the level that it should be. The beautiful thing about that, though, is that it is an area in which I can improve as long as I am determined to do so and I put forth the necessary effort.

In this way, the idea of exercising has echoed a principle that has been reiterated by many things and people in the various areas of my life, and that principle is that anything that is worthwhile is worth the hard work and consistent effort that you have to put into it. And there may be times when you do not feel like doing something, and you would much rather do something else (case in point when it concerns exercising for me). We all have those moments. But we cannot afford to allow ourselves to not do the things that we should do just because we do not feel like doing them. I think about this principle each and every time that I do take the time to exercise, making it a point to fight the urge to give up every step of the way. And what is amazing is the fact that once I am finished exercising I forget all about the struggle of it all, and instead find myself focusing on how good I feel.

As I recommit myself to exercising consistently I will hold onto this principle when challenges come my way, life hits, and my stress level rises. I will remember why I do not love exercising, but instead have a healthy appreciation and respect for it. And I will allow the benefits of exercising to have a positive effect on every area of my life. #lovebythedrop

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