Today’s Gem of Gratitude #209


Today I am thankful for noise-cancelling headphones. If there has ever been a somewhat expensive material item that I have purchased that I truly thought was worth every penny, it would have to be noise-cancelling headphones. As a person who has been known to study and complete work-related projects while listening to music, or, if at home, watching television, I can usually tune out unwanted noise and still accomplish whatever it is that I need to accomplish.

However, there are times when either the volume or the quantity of noises and sounds is so high or abundant that it is an extreme challenge to focus on whatever task is at hand, especially when that task is trying to get some sleep.

So, needless to say, when I encountered the wonder of noise-cancelling headphones I practically did not know what to do with myself. And the funny thing is that I had no idea that the headphones that I had purchased had that feature. I thought that that particular feature was only included in other models made by that same company. So, you can imagine my surprise when, in a moment of frustration caused by an abundance of noise penetrating my home – birds conversing at the top of their lungs, people having loud conversations and other people running blowers and all manner of other types of machinery outside – I put my headphones on my head with the intent to listen to some music, and before I even turned the music on all of the noise from the world outside immediately stopped. I can remember it as though it were yesterday. I was so caught off guard by the fact that my headphones had that feature that I just sat there with my mouth open with my lips forming an “o” as I was overcome with awe.

This probably sounds like a rather simple thing, and in fact, it is. But when you are frustrated by something and you find unexpected relief from that situation, that simple thing can seem bigger than Mount Fuji. I guess that is one of the cool things about life, you never know when, from where, and how relief is going to come, but come it will. #lovebythedrop

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