Today’s Gem of Gratitude #208

go fast

Today I am thankful for delivery service, be it the delivery of food, mail items, or anything else that can be delivered. Like most of us, I have my moments when I either am in a situation that causes me to be indisposed, or I simply do not feel like going somewhere and manually acquiring something. In those moments, I truly appreciate the fact that I can generally pick up my phone or go online and order just about anything that I want and have it delivered to my residence, or, in some instances, wherever I happen to be located at the time.

Today, I found myself in one of those situations. I was attending a professional gathering, I was very hungry, and I had not brought anything to eat with me. (I know, I know better). Looking at the clock I knew that it would be quite a while before I would have the opportunity to run out and quickly pick up something to eat. So I went online and placed an order with a local restaurant and requested delivery service. About ten minutes had barely passed before I received a phone call from the delivery person stating that they were about to enter the lobby. I quietly excused myself from the gathering, went downstairs to the lobby, paid for my food, and then went back upstairs to rejoin my colleagues.

During the remainder of the gathering I snacked on a portion of the food that I had ordered, taking care to be considerate of my fellow colleagues, and pretty soon my hunger was abated. Now, had I not had the ability to order delivery service of my food, not only would I have had to wait longer before being able to obtain food and eat that food, but I likely would have experienced a more challenging time staying focused, and I might have even developed a headache due to being hungry.

Now, of course, no one else would have been to blame had those things occurred, because it was my fault that I had not brought anything to eat with me. Thankfully, though, I did not have to experience those things because of the convenience of the delivery service offered by that restaurant. And to top it all off, that particular restaurant did not even charge me for delivery. How sweet was that! #lovebythedrop

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