Today’s Gem of Gratitude #213


Today I am thankful for blue skies. Have you ever noticed how the sky seems to be in its bluest state just after a storm passes? After the winds blow, the torrential rains fall, and the brooding clouds have their pity party, the rebels move out and blue skies once again reign supreme.

Oftentimes we are so focused on the challenges that we face that we fail to take the time to notice and appreciate the arrival of more peaceful moments, our personal blue skies. We are so caught up in survival mode that we do not even realize that peace has come to us, and before we know it new challenges somehow find their way into our now greener pastures. And the cycle repeats again and again.

So, since we know that the cycle continues – the onset of storms followed by the arrival of blue skies – we might as well find a way to be more aware of and give more attention and appreciation to the blue skies, enjoy the richness of the peace that they represent, and take stock in the people who we have become thanks to the storms that we have weathered. Maybe then those blue skies will shed some light on the purpose of it all, the importance of it all. Maybe then we will realize that it was all worth it. #lovebythedrop

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