Today’s Gem of Gratitude #222


Today I am thankful for the human body’s ability to give warning signs. The human body is a miraculous and wonderful creation that is intricate, complicated, and logical at the same time. When we feed it and provide it with water, sleep, and adequate levels of protection it is nurtured and cared for, and when we do this at optimal levels the body essentially thrives and flourishes.

Yet, many of us do not provide our bodies with the things that they need at even the most minimal of levels, which is not healthy. We starve our bodies by not providing them with enough nutrients, overwork our bodies by not allowing for enough time to relax and to sleep, and we place extreme amounts of pressure on our bodies by exposing them to dangerous things like stress and unhealthy substances and activities.

And possibly the most challenging aspect associated with all of this is the fact that each of us is only given one body, one, that’s it. And once that body is damaged beyond repair it is gone, never to return. Yet, this is something that many of us do not think about because we live in a day and age when we have become accustomed to refills of things and the ability to buy or make more of something in order to replace something that once was but no longer exists. Unfortunately, despite scientists’ quest to successfully clone a human being, we are unable to replace our bodies. And in a way I am thankful for that, because God blesses us each with a body for us to take care of and to use to fulfill our purpose. If He wanted us to have replacements for our bodies He would have created us that way, but He did not. So, blessing us with that one body is an incentive for us to “get it right, now.”

Thankfully, our bodies come with built-in sensors that are triggered when something is wrong, allowing our bodies to emit warning signs to us, notifying us of periods when we are not drinking enough water, obtaining enough sleep, and when our stress levels are too high. And it is up to us to heed those warnings while we still can. We all have moments when our lives are busy and carry us into multiple directions at once, but that does not alleviate or absolve us of our responsibility to bring ourselves back to that central road where we focus on maintaining and protecting our bodies as we should. After all, we are each one of a kind, right? #lovebythedrop

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