Today’s Gem of Gratitude #258


Today I am thankful for Chinese food. Chinese food is one of my favorite types of food to eat. And though I am sure that my appreciation of Chinese food has developed due to many reasons, more than likely the main reason is that Chinese food appeals to the carb-lover in me. What can I say? The egg rolls, noodles, and rice all have a way of calling to me periodically, and if I happen to be in an area that has restaurants that serve great, preferably authentic, Chinese food, then I actually consider answering those calls.

I was fortunate to grow up in an area that had more than its fair share of restaurants that served great Chinese food. And I am not referring to places that only seemed to have one or two good items on their menu. I am sure that you can relate to what I am talking about. For example, a restaurant that serves Chinese food may sell decent orange chicken, but everything else is rather blah, or a it may serve an excellent version of beef and broccoli, but everything else is lacking in flavor and adequate preparation, and so on and so on. The restaurants in my hometown and its vicinity, thankfully, really seemed to be on top of things.

Unfortunately, though, as I came to learn once I moved away from home, all restaurants that serve Chinese food are definitely not the same. Since I moved away, I have only encountered one restaurant that serves Chinese food that I would consider to be good, despite living in two different states other than my home state, and that restaurant is not in the state in which I currently reside. That is rather disappointing, but my optimistic nature compels me to keep searching for a restaurant that serves good Chinese food here. Hopefully I will find one, and if I do, I will likely become their best customer. That’s how deep my appreciation for great Chinese food runs. #lovebythedrop

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