Today’s Gem of Gratitude #257


Today I am thankful for energy. Energy is one of those things that I certainly appreciate when I have it, but notice the most when it is lacking. And it is a challenge to make it through any given day without the necessary amount of energy. In many ways energy is like the body’s version of gasoline, and just as gasoline makes it possible for a car to move and function energy functions in a similar way in our bodies. Now, by no means is this intended to be a scientific or medical analysis of energy, but rather this is my personal relaxed interpretation of energy and its function in the body in a very narrow scope.

As a person who appreciates energy, I have come to notice that I have more energy when I take the best care of myself, which is accomplished by doing things such as getting enough sleep, exercising consistently, eating a well-balanced and healthy diet, minimizing the amount of stress that exists in my life, and being selective about the thoughts that I allow to enter into and linger in my mind.

Unfortunately, though, I do experience times when I do not take the best care of myself, and I usually find myself paying for it by way of lack of energy. However, those instances when I have slacked when it concerns taking care of myself serve to compel me to re-group and to get myself back on track, for which I am thankful.

The ultimate goal is to stay on track with facilitating my well being while learning from those instances when I have faltered in that regard. In doing that I am fostering an environment that realistically allows for the development and maintenance of appropriate levels of energy, which is all the more important if I am going to continue being “the little engine that could.” #lovebythedrop

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