Today’s Gem of Gratitude #260


Today I am thankful for Kleenex Cool Touch tissues. We all have moments when our noses run and we need to blow them or the tears begin to flow and we need to wipe them. And at times we experience a combination of the two, which makes for an interesting scene to say the least. When moments like those come my way I prefer to grab Kleenex Cool Touch tissues because of the strength, softness, and cooling sensation that they possess.

I remember the first time that I tried Kleenex Cool Touch tissues. I was simply strolling through a grocery store picking up essential items when I came upon the paper goods isle. I grabbed the paper towels and toilet paper that I needed and then made my way down to the facial tissue section. Now Kleenex is pretty well known, and I admit that I have a tendency to purchase Kleenex brand tissues when I need facial tissues, so it was no surprise that I found myself lingering in the area where the Kleenex brand tissues were. Initially there appeared to be the usual assortment of tissues, so I simply decided to look for a box with colors that appealed to me. While searching for such a box my gaze fell upon a metallic blue box of Kleenex brand tissues with a label that said “Cool Touch.” And I thought to myself, “well, that sounds interesting, why not go with that one?” So I did. And I took my goodies home, put each item into its designated place, and then promptly proceeded to go about my life without paying any attention to the Kleenex Cool Touch tissues.

Then one day I happened to be crying for some reason, a reason which escapes me at the present moment. And when I say that I was crying, I mean bawling-my-eyes-out-with-my-nose-running-like-Niagara-falls crying. Needless to say, eventually I made my way into the restroom and grabbed for the shiny box of tissues that I just so happened to remember was sitting on my counter, plucked one tissue from the box, put it to my nose with the intention of blowing my nose, and then I stopped in mid step as I was completely surprised by the coolness and the softness of the tissue. Yes, I did realize that the tissues said “Cool Touch” when I bought them, but remember that I said that I had put the Kleenex tissues out of my mind once I brought them home and put them up. Needless to say, I went through more than a few tissues that night and my nose was certainly glad that the Kleenex Cool Touch tissues had replaced my usual box.

Since then I have been hooked on them – the softness and the coolness certainly won me over. I will say, though, that I learned the hard way that those particular tissues are not good for cleaning the lenses of eyeglasses, as they tend to leave smudges on the lenses because of the lotion that is in them. But hey, I guess that’s why they make special cloths for cleaning the lenses of eyeglasses, which I have since discovered. So, if you ever decide that you want to treat your nose to a little luxury, (and whose nose does not deserve that on occasion?) then you might want to give the Kleenex Cool Touch tissues a try. I will warn you though, once you go Cool Touch you likely will not go back to your previous brand and style of tissue. #lovebythedrop

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