Today’s Gem of Gratitude #279


Today I am thankful for macaroni and cheese. Everyone probably thinks that their mother or father prepares the best meals. Ok, maybe not everyone thinks that, but I venture to think that a great majority of us do. And that in and of itself is a great thing. I chose to begin this blog entry this way because this is not one of those situations. Now, let me explain. I certainly think that everything that my mother prepares is amazing, and that is in large part because it truly is. However, when I tell you that my mother makes the absolute best macaroni and cheese ever to grace this planet, it is not because of the theory that every one thinks that their parents prepare the best everything. But rather it is because my mother’s macaroni and cheese is truly that good.

Now, my mother will say that her macaroni and cheese is nothing special, that it’s just a mixture of a little milk, cheese, noodles, and butter. Do not let her fool you though, her macaroni and cheese is a thing of art – the multiple types of cheese melted all over and into soft noodles that have been bathed in milk and butter while baking in the oven. Yes, the oven. Yum! I have nothing against stovetop macaroni and cheese, and on occasion I will even indulge in a little Kraft Mac-n-Cheese as an homage to my childhood days when I wanted to eat Kraft Mac-n-Cheese because that was what my friends ate. But after those moments of nostalgia have passed, I want the real deal.

My mother’s macaroni and cheese is a recipe that I have learned to make, and I thoroughly enjoy eating it when I make it. But for obvious reasons I do not prepare it all that often – the mere thought of her scrumptious macaroni and cheese is enough to cause even a person with an amazing metabolism to instantly gain five pounds. Yes, it’s just that potent. But it is also so very good. So, this is a perfect example of how a little moderation has to go a long way, and trust me, that little moderation is always worth it. #lovebythedrop

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