Today’s Gem of Gratitude #295

20140404-203202.jpgToday I am thankful for sushi. I prefer to eat seafood that has been cooked, so I generally eat sushi that incorporates some sort of cooked salmon or imitation crab meat. Now, some people probably do not consider that to be “real” sushi, and that’s fine. To each his own, right?

It’s interesting that it took many years for me to finally decide to try sushi in the first place. I think that I focused so much on the fact that a great deal of sushi incorporates raw seafood, that I allowed that reality to prevent me from even giving sushi any real consideration.

However, one day a friend of mine convinced me to go with her to a sushi bar and simply give sushi a try. There, she introduced me to California rolls, Las Vegas rolls, and even steamed edamame lightly sprinkled with sea salt. We participated in great conversation and partook of great food, and I have not looked back since. #lovebythedrop

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