Today’s Gem of Gratitude #323


Today I am thankful for dependability. Dependability goes hand in hand with the idea that your word is your bond. Let’s face it, a person can offer or agree to do tasks that would be the most beneficial for you or tasks, the completion of which, would result in your experiencing the greatest sense of enjoyment and pleasure. In fact, a person could literally offer or agree to do something for you that would not only make your day, but also your week, month, year, and century too. They could even offer you the moon, the stars, and your own little mini-shuttle that you can use to navigate between them.

But (you knew that a “but” was coming, right?), if that person does not deliver on their promise, all you are left with is the lingering and sour aroma of hot air and empty promises stinking up your nostrils and polluting your heart. In other words, if a person promises you something, whatever that may be, and fails to follow through on that promise, they have essentially failed to keep their word. And what did we say that our word was? That’s right, “our bond.”

In the seemingly short amount of time that I have been alive I have come to truly realize and appreciate the importance of being dependable. Now, I am not going to sit here and pretend like I always do everything that I say that I will do, when and how I say that I will do it. But, I will say that I always (yes, always) take the time to evaluate what I am either being asked to do or am offering to do before I agree or offer to do it – taking into consideration whether or not I truly want to do whatever it is, am capable of doing whatever it is, have the time and other necessary resources required in order to do whatever it is, etc. So that, when I agree or offer to do something, it is clear to both the person who is on the receiving end of my extension of agreement or my offer to do something and to me that I have definite and committed intentions to do whatever I have agreed or offered to do, and then I make every effort to follow through on my promises, even if I no longer feel like doing so later. My word is definitely my bond, and I do not take that lightly. And the fact of the matter is that I simply cannot afford to do so. #lovebythedrop

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