Today’s Gem of Gratitude #356


Today I am thankful for water misting systems in use at various businesses and other establishments that are open to the public. With the official beginning of summer vastly approaching, we desert dwellers (and I imagine anyone else who also lives in a rather warm environment) have already begun to feel the sting of soaring heat levels. With that said, one of the many ways that certain businesses and other establishments have found to cut through the intense heat (even if only in minute ways) and create outdoor environments that are still fairly comfortable for patrons during the hotter months is buy installing and making use of water misting systems.

Now, I am not certain as to what the technical term is to describe these types of systems, but I have a feeling that you likely have an idea as to what I am referring. And whatever the technical term is to describe them, I simply say that they are a blessing, and I think that it would behoove more businesses and establishments to acquire and make use of such systems. After all, who is not trying to cool down as much as possible when it feels as though you literally could fry an egg on the sidewalk? As for me, point me in the direction of the water misters, because cool and I get along rather well. #lovebythedrop

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