Today’s Gem of Insight #61


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that our breakthrough may be just around the corner. We press through challenging situation after challenging situation wondering when our much sought after relief is going to come. We pass test after test until it seems as though surviving tests is all that we have been doing as of late. But the truth of the matter is that when we have been continuously tested and we reach the point when we feel like we cannot go any further, oftentimes our breakthrough is just around the corner. And though we may not feel as though we have any energy left, that is when we need to press on even harder than before rather than give in to our feelings of exhaustion. No, it will not be easy. And in some cases it may be the most significant struggle that we have ever had to endure. But if we hang in there and stay committed to making it through those challenging circumstances, the breakthrough that we experience will be greater than anything that we could ever imagine. #lovebythedrop

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