Today’s Gem of Gratitude #22


Today I am thankful for new days and new beginnings. As human beings we sometimes become so caught up in our lives and the events of any given day, that we tend to lose sight of the fact that tomorrow brings with it a new day and the possibility of a new beginning. We all have moments that we would rather not have had to experience, moments that we would like to completely evict from our lives, never to return. We all have moments when we mess up, make the wrong decision, or drop the ball. We all have moments when people seem to demand more from us than we have available to give, when the events of the day overwhelm us to the point that we feel like roadkill. We all have those moments.

What we must remember, though, is that whether we drop the ball or life pushes the ball down on us, tomorrow is always a new day, and tomorrow’s gift to you is a new beginning. Yes, it is essential that we take stock in the events of the day, evaluate the things that have happened, and grasp the lessons that the day has taught us. However, we also need to forgive ourselves for our slip-ups and forgive others for theirs. And then we need to remind ourselves that tomorrow will be our new day, our fresh start. Tomorrow we will allow the world to encounter the version of ourselves that we wished that they had encountered today. Tomorrow is a new day.

We all have our ways of dealing with challenging days, especially those in which we feel that we have not performed up to par in some way. I have shared with you one of the ways that I deal with such days. What is the method that you use to deal with challenging days? #lovebythedrop

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