Today’s Gem of Gratitude #51


Today I am thankful for frozen yogurt. Sometimes I just need a little time to relax and enjoy some comfort food, and in moments like those frozen yogurt is one of my go-to treats. It is tasty, fairly inexpensive, convenient, and it has the added benefit of helping me to cool down on a hot day. And since we experience quite a few hot days here, you can imagine how often I think about treating myself to some frozen yogurt. But do not worry, I make it a point to severely limit my quests for frozen yogurt to those few occasions when my cravings for it linger with me for so long that it is clear to me that only frozen yogurt will give me the satisfaction that I am looking for in that moment.

Now, I know frozen yogurt is just a simple food item in the sense that it is not some magical product that inherently has the power to rectify wrongs, change a person’s life, or fix the world. And even though rectifying wrongs, changing a person’s life, and fixing the world are very noble and necessary things, sometimes a given moment just is not about those types of heavy duty subjects. Sometimes a moment is simply about who you are as a person in the here and now and what your immediate need is in that specific moment. And at times, what a person needs most is a little treat, a small luxury that lifts the spirit and comforts the soul.

I’ve shared with you a couple of the items that I use to treat myself on occasion (frozen yogurt and cheesecake), and now I am interested in hearing about the items that you use to treat yourself. What are your go-to items that you use to treat yourself when you need a mini-escape from everyday life? #lovebythedrop

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