Today’s Gem of Gratitude #50


Today I am thankful for success. Success tells us a lot about ourselves. What many people may not realize, though, is that success reveals much more about us than merely what we are good at doing. It also provides us with insight into our character – how we treat others when we are succeeding in an area, how we view life when we are doing well (as opposed to when we are experiencing challenging times), and what we value in our lives.

Oftentimes we hear people saying that crises and challenging times will show you who a person really is; however, the same is also true of success, and maybe even more so. I say this because with success, in many ways, comes a level of comfort, and when people are comfortable with the state of things they tend to “let down their hair” so to speak and reveal more of their true selves. So, the admonition that one should not allow success to change him or her is likely less applicable than the idea that success merely magnifies what already exists within a person.

Now, by no means do I want to give the impression that I think that being successful is wrong or that success should be avoided. That is certainly not the case. Attaining various levels of success in life is necessary and entirely beneficial. What I am proposing here, though, is the idea that we should make sure that we spend as much time learning from our successes as we do from our failures. #lovebythedrop

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