Today’s Gem of Gratitude #79


Today I am thankful that people will learn more from the positive way that you treat them than any negative way. I must admit that even though I have known this to be the case personally and I have heard people whom I trust say this time and time again, when people have mistreated me this concept was not necessarily the first one to cross my mind.

Responding in a positive way to someone who is treating you negatively goes against the natural make up of most people. More likely than not the natural inclination of most people in that type of situation would be to defend himself or herself, and we human beings do that with varying levels of extremes. And though we may temporarily feel good about having defended ourselves and letting the other person know how we feel about his or her behavior, that “good” feeling is only temporary, and all that we have really managed to accomplish is to feed into and fuel the other person’s negativity, and to cause ourselves to become riled up and lose our peace. And I do not know about you, but that does not sound like a viable solution to me.

However, responding to negativity with positivity, “turning the other cheek” so to speak, not only helps us to maintain our peace, but it also demonstrates to the other person the fact that you are a positive person who refuses to allow the behavior of others to negatively affect you. And whether that person does it right then and there, he or she will find himself or herself wondering why you did not blow up at them and respond negatively to their negative treatment of you the way that many people would. They will wonder what is so different about you. And the example that you set might very well be the much needed final indicator that an adjustment to their behavior and the way that they live their life is warranted.

My mom has always said that some people are sent to plant a seed, some to water it, and others to harvest it. You never know where you might fit into that process, but one thing you can be certain of is that your involvement is priceless. #lovebythedrop

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