Today’s Gem of Gratitude #95


Today I am thankful for change. As a person who is a consistent planner who likes for things to be organized, change is not something of which I have always been a fan. And because of this I used to fight change with all of my might. I did not see the point of adjusting situations that seemed to be just fine the way that they were.

After a while, though, I reached the point when I was exhausted from fighting the inevitable. I had to face the fact that no matter how I felt, what I wanted, change was going to occur, and it was up to me to either embrace it or allow it to continue to frustrate me. I decided to embrace it, but I will admit that it was a challenge initially.

Eventually, though, I realized that change really was a good thing, because without change everything and everyone would remain the same – relationships would never evolve, society would not advance, and the world would not become a better place.

I now know that I am a better person for having embraced the changes that have occurred in my life. And whether or not the change was desired, the results were always necessary.

Ironically, after writing the first version of this blog entry, some sort of technological malfunction caused the entry to completely disappear. At first, I was more than a little disappointed, and that disappointment bordered on frustration because I had said exactly what I wanted to say but unfortunately did not have a backup copy. I took a few minutes to redirect my attention and then I sat down and wrote this one. Did I say the exact same thing in this version of my blog entry as I did in the previous version? No. But I do believe that whatever I needed to say is contained in this version.

Sometimes you just have to embrace change, just like I embraced the disappearance of my blog entry, and determine that you are going to keep moving forward no matter what. I guarantee that the version of yourself that you will encounter on the other side of that changing circumstance will prove to you that change is certainly a good thing. #lovebythedrop

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