Today’s Gem of Gratitude #135


Today I am thankful for boutique stores. We live in a world that now boasts, more often than not, of huge stores that offer everything that we as consumers could ever want under one roof, or so they say. And I certainly appreciate many of those stores because they often save me time by making available many of the items that I need, which saves me from having to go from store to store, and in some instances they save me money by offering the items that I need at lower prices.

Now, even though I do frequent some of those large stores that offer many of the items that I want in one place, there are times when I really need to find an item that is of a certain quality, or I need to find a store that is not only going to carry a specific item, but also has staff who are very knowledgeable about that item and other items that are relevant to that item. And that is where my appreciation for boutique stores comes into play.

Stores that specialize in jewelry, certain types of clothing, and specific brands of products are just a few examples of some of the types of boutique stores that I like to visit. Let’s face it, we all have certain items that we will only buy from certain stores because, for example, we want to know that the item that we are purchasing is of a certain quality and is legitimate, and that any questions that we may have regarding that product will be answered by someone who truly is familiar with the product and has been trained regarding that product.

And I personally believe that it is important in this world of one stop shopping that we as consumers continue to remember and appreciate the importance of boutique stores while they are still around. #lovebythedrop

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