Today’s Gem of Gratitude #153


Today I am thankful for the color black. And specifically with this blog entry I am referring to material items that happen to be black (i.e. accessories, clothing, furniture, etc.)

Occasionally, I have those days when I need to grab something quick to wear, but I do not necessarily want to wear the same outfits that I usually wear, in the same way in which I usually wear them. And as a person who has developed a budget which I try to adhere to, It is just not feasible to drop everything and go shopping for clothing or accessories whenever the mood hits.

So what do I do? I take my usual outfits and switch out an item for a different item that I already have that is black or a neutral color. The fact that the color black pairs well with just about any color and carries with it an element of sophistication and versatility makes it my go to color when I need to switch things up a little. And when I need to pull an outfit together quickly, I especially appreciate the fact that I can typically grab a black blouse, pair of pants, or a skirt and not have to put so much thought into whether or not that item will match the rest of the items in that outfit.

I will admit that I can usually tell whether or not certain colors work well with each other. However, there are times when I am not sure, especially when it concerns vibrant colors like purple, yellow, and orange. Yes, I do talk to people who are more familiar with fashion than I am, and they usually give me good pointers. But sometimes I need a quick fix, and that is when I reach for my dependable black or neutral clothing items. And the same goes for accessories. Though I do like to utilize colorful accessories, I always appreciate the fact that I have black accessories that go with just about everything.

For me, the versatility of the color black is priceless, and the time and effort that it saves me when I am trying to get myself together each day is truly a blessing. After all, as human beings we have so many decisions to toil over each day, so whenever a few of those challenging decisions can be eliminated, the more peace we experience. So sometimes it is good to say “no” to the guessing game and “yes” to a little more peace and enjoying the blessing that is the color black. #lovebythedrop

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