Today’s Gem of Gratitude #205


Today I am thankful for orange cranberry cookies. Recently I had the pleasure of visiting with a friend of mine at her house for the first time. I have known this particular friend for quite a while now, years in fact, but I had yet to make it to her house prior to this visit, though not for lack of invitations on her part. This particular friend and I have always enjoyed each other’s company and related well to each other and the various life experiences that we have had, so I knew that the visit would be a great one.

And, sure enough when my mother and I arrived at her house she was gracious, hospitable, and as always, a joy to spend time with. She made us feel very welcomed via every action taken, and she made us feel extra special by offering us the opportunity to select which type of tea we each wanted from a wide assortment, which of course was right up my alley. (You can read more about my appreciation for tea here).

We laughed, shared stories, and related to each other’s experiences for hours. Needless to say we all had a wonderful time, including her husband who was also very engaging and hospitable. And though there were many aspects about that visit that made that evening special for me, one thing that has lingered with me was my enjoyment of the orange cranberry cookies that she served. (I am sure that you were wondering when those cookies were going to make an appearance).

They were about the size of one and a half silver dollars, and they had a width that was more or less equivalent to a typical piece of biscotti. They were firm and held their shape well when you picked them up, but they were nice and soft when you bit into them. They were absolutely perfect, not too sweet, not too tart, not too rich, and certainly not bland. They were so good that I have not been able to get them out of my mind despite the fact that it has almost been a week since that visit.

I typically only partake of cookies on occasion, and when I do they are usually certain types of cookies. I hardly ever venture into new cookie territory. But these orange cranberry cookies have now become a favorite of mine, and in their own way they have reminded me to remain open to new possibilities. Who knew that little cookies could do that? #lovebythedrop

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