Today’s Gem of Gratitude #228


Today I am thankful for blue jeans. There are days when I just do not feel like dressing up, but shorts or sweatpants would be too casual. Sure, on those days I could easily choose to sport a pair of capris, or a pair of khakis, but even those can be too dressy at times. Blue jeans, on the other hand, scream “casual attire” and are generally a perfect wardrobe choice for just about any casual activity.

Even though jeans are known for their flawless inclusion in the world of casual living, they can be “dressed up” should the wearer desire that. The simple addition of a classy top, some jewelry, and some heels or boots will turn just about any pair of blue jeans into a chic delight.

And no matter how practically permanently wrapped in suits and ties or dresses your life is, it is absolutely essential that you take at least one day every now and then and make it a blue jeans day. And do not be surprised when your body gives you its nod of approval, you just may find that blue jeans are more your speed than you realized. #lovebythedrop

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