Today’s Gem of Gratitude #233


Today I am thankful for companionship. A lot of people say that they want to have relationships, that they want to be cared for and appreciated, but having relationships is easy. Anyone can do that. If I wanted to I could easily go up to the next person whom I encounter while out walking down the street and ask that person to be my friend, boyfriend, or even more. And if that person indicates that he is in agreement with what I have asked then we will have officially started a relationship. See, not hard at all. Of course, that is not likely to happen, but I think that you get my drift.

The challenge, though, comes when a person decides that he or she wants to have great, loving, committed, and faithful relationships. Now that, my dears, is no easy task, because in order to have great relationships people need to be companions in addition to being husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, friends, etc. And being a companion takes extensive amounts of work and effort.

The dictionary defines “companion” as “a person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time” and “companionship” as “a feeling of fellowship or friendship,” and in order to develop a genuine feeling of fellowship or friendship people and animals need to truly be committed to each other and care for each other, to the extent that their level of commitment to the other person or animal and the amount that they care for the other person or animal is evident through their behavior as well as the things that they say. After all, people need for other people to be there with them, as do animals. For example, grandparents want their grandchildren to come visit them regularly, teenagers want their friends to spend time with them, be it getting together and having a slumber party or going to the movies, and pets want their owners to return home every day and feed them and take them for walks.

At the end of the day, we all are in need of companionship. And I truly believe that a lot of the negative things that people in this world do stem in part from a void in their life that can only be filled by true companionship. Unfortunately, most people are either unaware that that is the underlying cause of their behavior, or they simply are in denial about its existence. Though I do not claim to know and understand the exact position and situation that each person out there is in, I will say that the more that we living beings offer companionship to one another and to the animals that are in our lives, the greater and more positive of an impact we will have on this love-starved world that we call home.  #lovebythedrop

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